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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recycled Paper

The presence of paper in human life is quite important, because the paper serves to document the science, the media for thepromotion of trade, a means to convey thoughts and ideas, and others. Permukaannyalah located above information to be conveyed in the form of numbers, writing or drawing. The main problem faced by manufacturers today's paper that is a problem toobtain and use materials that are suitable for the manufacture ofpaper, the problem of how to make pulp and paper form to bedurable, and the problem of how to make paper smooth ordelicious to the touch and attractive to look at .

Simply put trash in the house can be divided into 3 categories, ie,toxic waste, such as used batteries, light bulbs and secondhandgoods that contain chemicals. Then the solid waste that can not beparsed, such as plastics, bottles, cans, etc.. And final goods can still be parsed by the ground like the rest of the vegetables, leaves,etc..

Environmentally friendly lifestyle also known as 3R slogan:Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

This means reducing the level of need for waste, reuse waste thathas been there and recycle waste that has been unused.

One of the recyclable waste is paper. Recycled paper has abeautiful texture. From the recycled paper we can make a wide range of handicrafts.