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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watermelon With Utilization

Watermelon originated from tropical and subtropical regions of Africa. Grows wild on the roadside, the desert shrub, sea shore, or planted in the garden and yard as a fruit crop. Watermelon can be found from the lowlands to 1,000 m above sea level. This season creeping herb grows on the ground or climbs by tendrils or tool pembelit. Stems soft, sided and hair, length 1.5 to 5 m. Shoots growing from axillary, branched 2-3. Leaves alternate location, stemmed, leaf blade width and hairy, share menjari, with a pointed tip, length 3-25 cm,  the width  from 1.5 to 15 cm, edge wavy, sometimes irregularly toothed, lower surface hairy meeting on bones. Flowers uniseksual, out of the axillary, single, usually more male flowers, wide bell-shaped, yellow, blooms in the morning. Fruit spherical to elongated round, varies with length of 20-30 cm, diameter 15-20 cm, with a starting weight of 4 kg to 20 kg. Skin thick and fleshy fruit, smooth, color variety, such as dark green, slightly yellow and white, or light green and white striped. Fruit flesh color is red, pink (pink), orange (orange), yellow, even white.  Seed shape elongate, compressed, the color black, white, yellow, or reddish brown. There also are without seeds (seedless).  Seed that has been  processed  is called  watermelon seeds. How to make, collect seeds, then dry in the sun and roasted. Once cool, soak it in salt water all day, then dry in the sun back in the hot sun. Watermelon than eaten as fresh fruit can also be drunk as juice. Watermelon is not to be eaten with palm sugar because it can form toxic, especially very disturbing to someone who is weak digestion. These toxins can cause cramps and diarrhea  to death. Propagation by seed.

Plant part used is fruit peel, pulp, and seeds. To peel, after it is eaten and discarded the outer layer of skin that the white part can be used fresh or after drying.

Watermelon rind is used for treatment:
swelling due to fluid accumulation in renal disease,
diabetes (diabetes mellitus),
itch because berracun plants,
pain when getting out of bed in the morning due to alcohol (hangover),
prevent hair loss,
smooth the skin and eliminate black spots on the face,
rough skin, burns, and sunburn.

Flesh of fruit is used for treatment:
fainting due to heat (heatstroke),
fever, thirst with dry mouth, bad breath,
urine dark and deep yellow color, pain when urinating,
abdominal bloating due to a lot of gas,
constipation (constipation),
sore throat, thrush,
High blood pressure (hypertension),
Erectile dysfunction (impotence),
enhance male fertility,
alcohol poisoning (alkoholism)
high uric acid, and
remove wrinkles on the face.

Seeds are used to:
constipation during pregnancy or old age,
inflammation of the liver, inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane,
bladder infections,
less blood (anemia),
eradicate intestinal worms, and

Boil rind (10-30 g), then drink. Meat eaten or juiced fruit taste. -
For external use, rub the fruit skin on the scalp to prevent hair loss or itching itching due berracun plants. Use boiled water to wash your face fruit skin with acne, scabby skin, or prickly heat.

Malnutrition and famine
Drying watermelon seeds to dry sufficiently, then milled to a powder. Take one tablespoon, and then brewed with three-quarters cup of hot water. Once warm, add one tablespoon of honey. Toss well, drink well. Do twice a day.

Preventing hair loss
Take a piece of watermelon rind the only remaining tough meat and white. Rub-rub on your scalp evenly. Do it in the afternoon, then leave overnight to soak. The next morning, wash your hair thoroughly. Do it once a week.

High blood pressure
Eating watermelon fruit every day as a fresh fruit or juice. A day to drink two glasses of watermelon juice.
Brewed with boiling water and gambier watermelon rind of each 30 g. Drink as tea.

Smooth the skin and eliminate black spots on face
Drying watermelon skin to dry sufficiently, then milled into powder. Enter two tablespoons of powder into the juice was made from a single stem of aloe vera and cucumber fruit size. After being mixed well, use as a mask. Do it 2-3 times a week, until visible results.

Itching on the body because the affected plants berracun
Rub the body itching and redness to the skin of fruit and watermelon.

High blood pressure and anemia
Watermelon is being taken one-quarter the size of its parts. Create skin juice, seeds and flesh, and drink as well.

Fever, dry mouth and thirst, bitter taste in the mouth, breath-smelling, dark yellow urine, pain when urinating, a hangover
Eating fresh watermelon fruit flesh sebanvak 500-1000 g. Apply 2-3 times daily.

Heat stroke, weakness, headache and nausea due to solar heat
Watermelon fruit juice to taste. Drinking 1-2 cups, repeated 2-3 times a day until it feels good.

Cut the watermelon rind (30 g) and guava fruit that is still mengkal (1 fruit), then boiled with three cups of water until the remaining one cup and drink when cool. Do it every day, day 2-3 times.
Boiled watermelon seeds (1 cell) with one liter of water to boiling (45 minutes) in a closed pot. After chilling, drinks like tea and do every day.

Constipation during pregnancy or old age
Minced meat watermelon seeds (15 g) until smooth, tambahk


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